Nothern Irish general & colorectal surgeon. Interested in medical education, patient safety and quality improvement. Passionate about doctors in leadership roles. Hoping to encourage more women into a surgical career by providing them with inspiring role models. Also a lover of gin, fizz & fabulous shoes (not necessarily in that order)!!

One thought on “About

  1. A long time since I checked in on your page and a long time since I bumped into you at the new build hospital in Omagh.
    Delighted to see you are feeling a lot better and that the new post is going well for you.
    For those of us who have been treated by you I think it fair to say any surgical team led by you has been blessed and that those whom you meet at difficult time in their lives will be very reassured by your strength of character and the confidence of your purpose.
    Whilst I would hope not to meet you again on a professional basis ie me on “the table” and you in scrubs with that rather colourful hat on your head I know from experience that those folks who have yet to meet you in this situation will be in very good and very safe hands.
    ( The only thing worse than this which springs to mind is being told “You know you are on my colonoscopy list for this afternoon”).
    Wishing you all the very best in life and please and I know it is a waste of time me telling you this do not drive yourself too hard.
    With my sincere thanks for your down to earth approach to “the big C” , for the very tidy incision and most of all the time and opportunity to meet Amelia my grandaughter now 18 months old for this I simply have no words which can adequately thank you enough.
    Take care , continue to look after others and yourself.


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